About Us

Sometime life doesn't go as planned, and that's ok! Because or lives changed for the better!

When we started generating the idea of starting a boutique we were honestly terrified. We knew we wanted to offer something no one around us or even in this country has ever offered. A one of a kind experience for moms, women of all ages, expecting to be mom's, or young girls. We had a style that we couldn't find in one store or honestly a PRICE that we could afford at a boutique. We needed style that was ideal for MOMS! All you momma's out there know exactly what we mean.

We wanted modest, trendy, and affordable every day wear for the Moms out there. We loved wearing comfy, oversized clothing, but pretty dresses that made us feel cute and girl... Thus Hot Mess Express Boutique was born. These two best friends got together and created a plan. Was it easy? That's a big NO! But, we have learned a lot and it has helped us realize what we want in our clothing and what our audience wants also. We are so very passionate about what we do here at Hot Mess and we hope you see that!

Enjoy shopping with us!